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RailTV in 1080p

With the video of the Lahnstein exhibition, RailTV broadcast in 1080p or 1920x1080. As the speeds of streams are not changed, you should not find new difficulties. It is the old 3500 kb/s stream which is updated from 720p to 1080p. The former 1800 kb/s stream is slightly increased to 1900 kb/s and now offer 720p HD.

There are now 204 distinct videos having a total of 89 hours of program inside the RailTV galleries.

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Velay Express

Duration: 55 min.
Format : 16/9 HD
Author: Doussot Claude
Entry date: 5/31/2011
Recorded in May 2011

The historic Railway VELAY-EXPRESS celebrated two major events: the return of steam train line Dunières - St. Agrève and 25 years of association RAILWAYS VELAY, which operates the line since 1994.

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