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La Mure Railway

Duration: 25:00
Format : 16/9 HD
Author: Doussot Claude
Entry date: 5/10/2011
Recorded in August 2010

The Chemin de Fer de La Mure was created to get the coal to the Plateau Matheysin near Grenoble. It was inaugurated in July 1888. With its construction, the boldness of its layout and electrification, the La Mure railroad earned numerous articles in technical journals of the 1900s. Landscapes and structures were peddled all over France by countless postcards. The epidemic of closures that hit so many lines in France would have probably destroyed it when the oil crisis of 1974 had assured the mine linking to the rail and a stay of fifteen years. Fifteen years have proven invaluable to spare it the sad fate of many of his colleagues and prepare for its conversion. Yesterday mining, Railway La Mure is now tourism, combining in a harmonious industrial heritage preservation and development of sites

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